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Software Engineering Research Center (SERC) aims to research and develop state of art techniques, methods and tools in various areas of software engineering and programming languages. SERC researchers collaborate with commercial private sector organizations, R & D organizations, and other academic institutes to advance the state of the art and provide software solutions. SERC has faculty with vast teaching and research experience in and outside India.

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Our BlockChain Paper funded by Ripple is accepted at ISEC 2022
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Our pedagogy Study paper on Introduction to Software System Course @ IIIT Hyderabad is accepted at SEED Workshop @APSEC 2021
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Enhancements of our novel algorithm on Virtual Reality Locomotion is now accepted at ISEC 2022
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Our US Patent on Automated Usability Evaluation for Mobile Apps is now GRANTED!
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Pawan Kumar Y received Second Prize at Mini Symposium conducted by I-HUBDATA-IIIT Hyderabad
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Our Ontology Evaluation Paper is accepted at International Conference on Secure Knowledge Management in the Artificial Intelligence Era (SKM) 2021 (Long Paper)
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Performance Improvement on Virtual Lab Experiment is accepted at ICIET 2021 Conference

Following are the key research areas at SERC

SERC offers following courses for students enrolled into B.Tech, M.Tech, M.S by Research and PhD Students at IIIT Hyderabad
  • Introduction to Software Systems - Provides an introduction to software system development concepts and techniques to undergraduate students.
  • Software System Development - Provides an introduction to software system development concepts and techniques to graduate students. Enables the students to work in smaller teams and deliver software systems.
  • Software Engineering - To develop in-depth understanding of software engineering principles, practices and ability to apply them in developing large scale software systems.
  • Topics in Software Engineering - Provides conceptual understanding on various emerging areas for research in Software Engineering stream. Enables the students to identify research problems and review potential solutions.
  • Software Quality Engineering - Imparts quality analyses of software systems. Topics include verification, software quality assurance, standards, etc. Concepts and skills necessary to design and and validation, metrics and measurements are also part of the curriculum.
  • Principles of Programming Languages - This course is an introduction to the principles behind the design of programming languages, including object-oriented programming, and the use of formal methods in reasoning with programs. During the course, students build a series of interpreters, each a mini abstract or virtual machine for a specific language.
  • Internals of Application Servers - Understand essence of middleware and distributed object technology. J2EE Technology and Architecture overview. J2EE App Server architecture. Life cycle of a J2EE application-deployment through running and deployment.
  • Software Foundations - Provides mathematical foundations of programs and software systems so as to be able to prove properties about their behaviour.
  • Usability Engineering - To provide a foundations on usability aspects of Software Product Development. In collaboration with Cognitive Science Research Lab.

Software Engineering Research Center (SERC) @ IIIT Hyderabad -
5th Floor, T-HUB Building, IIIT Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032