Kirti Garg


Interested in improving the quality of life through improving quality of education and system building. Experience in understanding, design, analysis and evaluation of learning systems. Focused on software engineering learners right now. Also interested in modeling of systems. Experimented with automated analysis of Software architectures for identification of security issues. Enjoy teaching SE and learning about systems.

Research Interests

  • Software Engineering
  • Educational research
  • Experiment design
  • Research design


Conference and Workshop

  • Kirti Garg, Ashish Sureka, Vasudeva Varma: A Case Study on Teaching Software Engineering Concepts using a Case-Based Learning Environment. QuASoQ/WAWSE/CMCE@APSEC 2015: 71-78
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: Systemic Requirements of a Software Engineering Learning Environment. ISEC 2015: 147-155
  • Amit Sangroya, Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: SAGE: An Approach to Evaluate the Impact of SOA Governance Policies. AINA Workshops 2010: 539-544
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: Case Studies as Assessment Tools in Software Engineering Classrooms. CSEE&T 2009: 8-11
  • Gil Taran, Vasudeva Varma, Kirti Garg: Multimedia Case Studies in Software Engineering: A Look at MDM CAP: A Case Authoring Platform for Education and Training. CSEE&T 2009: 296-297
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: An effective learning environment for teaching problem solving in software architecture. ISEC 2009: 139-140
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: Software Engineering Education in India: Issues and Challenges. CSEE&T 2008: 110-117
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: People issues relating to software engineering education and training in India. ISEC 2008: 121-128
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma: A Study of the Effectiveness of Case Study Approach in Software Engineering Education. CSEE&T 2007: 309-316
  • Kirti Garg, Vasudeva Varma, K. N. Giridhar, Abhishek K. Mishra: Security: Bridging the Academia-Industry Gap Using a Case Study. APSEC 2006: 485-492
  • Vasudeva Varma, Kirti Garg: Case Studies: The Potential Teaching Instruments for Software Engineering Education. QSIC 2005: 279-286