Naveen N. Kulkarni


Hi, I'm a first year PhD student at Software Engineering Research Center (SERC), IIIT Hyderabad, AP, India. I'm also a full time employee of Infosys Ltd. and work as a senior research scientist at Infosys Labs. I live in Bengaluru (aka Bangalore) and love the city for its wonderful eateries; it is for me a real Malgudi. As my study locus is in Hyderabad, I frequently travel between cities. My professional career started in 2000 with a satisfying 4 years of architecting software systems at iNautix Chennai, then another challenging 4 years of specializing in emerging technologies continued with intriguing 4+ years of research on software engineering at Infosys Labs Bengaluru. I like travelling and meeting people across world. A self confessed foodie; a veggie by option looking for every chance to savor new cuisines. A gadget freak who wishes to own every cool gadgets that is found on this planet.

Research Interests

  • Software Reuse
  • Software Architecture and Evolution
  • Search based Software Engineering
  • Social Network applications in Software Engineering
  • Geographically Distributed Software Development
  • Services Science and Service Oriented Architecture



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Conference and Workshop

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