Neeraj Mathur


There has been a prompt growth in mobile application usage over a past decade. With the release of a variety of portable mobile devices into the market, mobile applications are playing a noticeable role by replacing traditional web-based applications. Today, usability has been one of the primary factors for end-users to chose and adopt mobile applications. Usability has greatly been considered as one of the significant quality attributes to determine the success of the mobile application. Till date usability evaluation tools need human expert inputs or they work on the events analysis level. However, there is no tool present which can work on the code inspection level at the development time itself (i.e static code analysis with respect to usability guideline) for Mobile Apps

UMETRIX - A Framework for Usability evaluation of Mobile Applications using Code Analysis


Specification and conformance of Usability guidelines of web applications is a prevalent notion in various private and public organizations. However, the same is fairly limited for mobile applications. Also, the measures available for assessing the usability of mobile applications tend to focus more on human aspects and less on aspects of usability that can be potentially identified via code analysis. In this paper, we detail a usability evaluation framework that can be used to identify usability issues specific to mobile applications. The framework uses usability guidelines and code analysis to suggest improvements to the usability of a mobile application. As a proof of concept, we have built an end-to-end system using the framework to validate and verify usability issues in Android mobile applications. We also generate code recommendations to implement failed usability guidelines.

Primary Challenges :

Converting usability guideline from natural language to a specific test case in a tool.

Major Contributions:

  • 1) Create a usability evaluation framework for designers and developers to address usability issues through code analysis using usability guidelines during the development phase.
  • 2) Create a prototype tool based on the framework.

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