Padmalata Nistala

Research Interests

  • Product Quality
  • Requirements Engineering and Patterns


Conference and Workshop

  • Amar Banerjee, Venkatesh Choppella, Viswanath Kasturi, Swaminathan Natarajan, Padmalata V. Nistala, Kesav V. Nori: An Attempt at Explicating the Relationship between Knowledge, Systems and Engineering. ISEC 2018: 5:1-5:11
  • Kesav V. Nori, Swaminathan Natarajan, Padmalata V. Nistala: A Process Framework for Product Quality Achievement. ISEC 2016: 199-200
  • Padmalata Nistala, Priyanka Kumari: Establishing content traceability for software applications: An approach based on structuring and tracking of configuration elements. TEFSE@ICSE 2013: 68-71
  • Padmalata Nistala, Priyanka Kumari: An approach to carry out consistency analysis on requirements: Validating and tracking requirements through a configuration structure. RE 2013: 320-325
  • Padmalata Nistala, Supriya Kummamuru, M. G. P. L. Narayana: An Approach to Understand and Elicit Requirements using Systemic Models: Ensuring a Connect from Problem Context to Requirements. CSER 2013: 786-795