Shivam Khandelwal


Shivam Khandelwal is dual degree CSD student under the guidance of Prof. Raghu Reddy. He is working primarily in Gamification and Empirical Research in Software Engineering Domain. Gamification in layman terms is the usage of Game Design Elements (GDE) like badges, leaderboard, votes, etc to other product or services in order to keep users retained, engaged and motivated. This essentially means none of “actual” working of the product is affected but overall re-represented to users as kind-of games. His work is around a framework which potentially allows developers to gamify their codebase within minutes, just like adding Google Analytics. Other then this the empirical work is around learning how gamification can impact behavioural changes under competition v/s non-competitive environment. If you wanna join the work, the technologies used in depth are Ember.js (similar to Angular.js), Flask and anything of your wish. :) And just in case you don’t like the idea of Gamification, there is one more topic i.e. “Systematic Literature Surveys”. Systematic reviews are a type of literature review that uses systematic methods to collect secondary data, critically appraise research studies, and synthesize studies. The work is around making them automated to reduce manual labour of 1000s of researchers. Along with it, making it cake walk for novices to jump in a new research field.


Software engineering activities related code reviews, change management, knowledge management, issue tracking, etc. tend to be heavily process oriented. Gamification of such activities by composing the core activities with game mechanics like badges and points can increase developers’ interest in performing such activities. While there are various frameworks/applications that assist in gamification, extending the frameworks to add any/all desired game mechanics has not been adequately addressed. The main objective of the work is to improve the present state of art solutions, and improving easiness of gamifying applications.

Primary Challenges

The primary challenges include but not limited to:

  1. (a) Easing gamification process for software engineering applications & removing technical difficulties.
  2. (b) Easing the addition of new Game Design Elements (GDEs) into gamified applications.
  3. (c) Ability to change & enhance gamification within seconds using extensive dashboard.

Major contributions

Shivam Khandelwal, Y. Raghu Reddy, and Sai Krishna Sripada. 2017. Impact of Gamification on Code review process - An Experimental Study. In Proceedings of the 10th Innovations in Software Engineering Conference (ISEC '17).

Sai Krishna Sripada, Y. Raghu Reddy, and Shivam Khandelwal. 2016. Architecting an extensible framework for Gamifying Software Engineering concepts. In Proceedings of the 9th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC '16).

Datasets & Experimental Codebases
Type: Code
Gamified code review platform with inline commenting. Some of the GDEs available are Badges, Leaderboard and Timeline.
Type: Dataset
Dataset of the usefulness of code review comments study performed. It contains code review comments from students (under experimental setup) in both gamified and non-gamified environments for comparision.
Type: Code
One stop solution for all the gamification needs. Currently under development, and will be live at

Other Results
  • i. Based on the literature study and requirements seen in industry, a open-sourced project termed as “Gamily” is under construction, which is targeted to be one stop solution for all gamification needs.
  • ii. Conducted experimental studies measuring impact of gamification on code review process for 2 consecutive years, which resulted into positive correlation, and students with gamified environments performed well than non-gamified environments (academic setup).
  • iii. Able to interpret from experimental study, that non-competitive GDEs were more promising than competitive GDEs for code review process in academic setup.


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