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Acknowledged the existing ideas and research done over past few years for web credibility assessment.
Objective behind Study- For a given name(Person/Organization), we would like to find area of expertise with a credibility score. To give credibility score to a person we would first like to find citation of it's name on web at places like journal, conference papers, organisation websites, opinion or blogging websites and many others. Now to calculate score of a person, we first need to know credibility of website where his/her name is being mentioned. Hence the study of website credibility is first step of the project. Credibility refers to the degree to which a website could be believed upon. Credibility becomes important when the information taken from the website is to be used by the end-user for further processing or decision-making. Basically there are three strategies for credibility evaluation of a website, which are as below-
1) Considering semantic features like accuracy or neutrality (which depends on domain expertise).
2) Surface features like the design of the website, website aesthetics, coloring of text.
3) Past experience of yourself or third party reference with the source of information/website(which refers to the details about the owner or the author or the governing body of the website and their affiliation).

Primary Challenges

To develop a domain-based search engine.

Major Contributions

No major global contribution.


Thesis 1: Assessment and Process Automation of Two Success Factors for Website's: Usability and Credibility By Sonal Aggrawal
Thesis 2: How Do People Evaluate a Web Site’s Credibility? A report of research of Persuasive Technology Lab and Stanford University

Below are the major factors from both of the above mentioned Thesis used to assess credibility along with my expression for each of them:

# Factors used for credibility assessment Disagree/Agree Reason for agreement/disagreement Mentioned in Thesis?? (1/2)
1 Completeness, unambiguity of the information Agree A Cricket News website which gives complete(not just scores) info of LIVE match is more credible 1
2 Authors' expertise on the provided content. Agree It’s good to give connection of the source of publication, authors‟ credentials like institutional affiliation 1
3 Purpose of the website Agree A website that displays relevant information to the visitor is instantly more credible in their eyes. Both
4 Interactivity and usability of the website, Simple Language, Correct Spelling Agree People don’t trust what they don’t understand. Both
5 Website design and aesthetics(structure in terms of graphics and text) Agree As it is the primary cue for a unfamiliar user Both

Initial Results

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