Suresh Purini

Research Interests

  • Compilers
  • Parallel and distributed systems
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud computing and complexity theory



  • Vinamra Benara, Sahithi Rampalli, Ziaul Choudhury, Suresh Purini, Uday Bondhugula: Synthesizing Power and Area Efficient Image Processing Pipelines on FPGAs using Customized Bit-widths. CoRR 2018:
  • Suresh Purini, Lakshya Jain: Finding good optimization sequences covering program space. TACO 9(4) 2013: 56
  • Bharghava Rajaram, Abinesh Ramachandran, Suresh Purini, R. Govindarajulu: Design of Low Power Systems Using Inexact Logic Circuits. J. Low Power Electronics 2010: 401-414

Conference and Workshop

  • Jitendra Yasaswi, Sri Kailash, Anil Chilupuri, Suresh Purini, C. V. Jawahar: Unsupervised Learning Based Approach for Plagiarism Detection in Programming Assignments. ISEC 2017: 117-121
  • Ronak Kogta, Suresh Purini, Ajit Mathew: Re-targeting Optimization Sequences from Scalar Processors to FPGAs in HLS compilers (Abstract Only). "FPGA 2016: 276
  • Adhish Singla, Krishnaji Desai, Suresh Purini, Venkatesh Choppella: Distributed Safety Verification Using Vertex Centric Programming Model. International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing 2016:
  • Ziaul Choudhury, Suresh Purini: A Hybrid (CPU+GPU) Working-set Dictionary ISPDC 2016. 2016:
  • Nitin Chugh, Vinay Vasista, Suresh Purini, Uday Bondhugula: A DSL Compiler for Accelerating Image Processing Pipelines on FPGAs. PACT 2016: 327-338
  • Vinamra Benara, Suresh Purini: Accurus: A Fast Convergence Technique for Accuracy Configurable Approximate Adder Circuits. ISVLSI 2016: 577-582
  • : Fast algorithms for optimal coalition formation in federated clouds. UCC 2016: 156-164
  • Kapil Kumar, Nehal J. Wani, Suresh Purini: Dynamic Memory and Core Scaling in Virtual Machines. CLOUD 2015: 269-276
  • Sanidhya Kashyap, Jaspal Singh Dhillon, Suresh Purini: RLC - A Reliable Approach to Fast and Efficient Live Migration of Virtual Machines in the Clouds. IEEE CLOUD 2014: 360-367
  • Jaspal Singh Dhillon, Suresh Purini, Sanidhya Kashyap: Virtual Machine Coscheduling: A Game Theoretic Approach. UCC 2013: 227-234
  • Abinesh Ramachandran, Bharghava Rajaram, Suresh Purini, Govindarajulu Regeti: Transition Inversion Based Low Power Data Coding Scheme for Buffered Data Transfer. VLSI Design 2010: 164-169
  • Bharghava Rajaram, Abinesh Ramachandran, Suresh Purini, Govindarajulu Regeti: Inexact Decision Circuits: An Application to Hamming Weight Threshold Voting. VLSI Design 2010: 158-163
  • Richard Chang, Suresh Purini: Amplifying ZPP^SAT[1] and the Two Queries Problem. IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity 2008: 41-52
  • Richard Chang, Suresh Purini: Bounded Queries and the NP Machine Hypothesis. IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity 2007: 52-59