Yogesh Maheshwari



I am working upon migration of Adobe Flash files to HTML5 and JavaScript. Till 2011, Adobe Flash was a popular platform frequently used for creation of advertisements, videos and interactive contents on web pages. However its utility is lost with the decreasing support of Flash players on browsers and mobile platforms, where open standards like HTML5 and JavaScript are widely supported. Hence we are trying to provide a transformation process for converting Flash files into HTML5 and Javascript to give a human readable output. This will lend users the same resourcefulness of Flash in open standards without relying on the former.

Primary challenges:

a) Identifying and modifying relevant tools for exporting Flash assets from SWF files via Decompilation
b) Transpilation of ActionScript3(scripting language for Flash) to JavaScript.
c) Identifying and supporting important Flash API's in JavaScript.
d) Representing a Flash project created in Adobe Flash professional completely in AS3
e) User validation of the approach in terms of time taken for transforming a Flash animation and then maintaining it.
f) Evaluation of transformations in terms of correctness.

Major Contributions:

a) Approach to transform the flash files.
b) User validation of approach.
c) Tools to accomaodate certains steps in the transformation pipeline.
d) Implementation of a few Flash API's to demonstrate the process.


a) Flash files from Virtual Labs repository for actual use cases.
b) Examples from Mozilla Shumway repository for testing particular functionalities of the transforamtion pipeline.


Conference and Workshop