Remote Digital Internship Program (RDIP)

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Program Dates: Internship Program- 24th August to 19th September 2020

Registrations are now closed

About Remote Digital Internship Program

An internship is now recognized as a necessary part of every engineering program to enable students to learn to apply their learning in college and become familiar with the workings of the larger industry. This was till now a choice that students exercised to improve their own employability. According to the recent ‘AICTE’s Model Internship’ document, an internship is a necessary program in the overall engineering education.

However, students and colleges are constrained with capacity at organizations, varying academic schedules, and learning skills in doing internships. Software Engineering Research Center (SERC), IIIT Hyderabad’s Remote Digital Internship Program (RDIP) aims to address these constraints by providing opportunities to students to work on live open source projects.

RDIP is one month internship program and open to all pursuing or have completed graduation with willingness to program. The program provides resources and mentoring mechanism to learn and contribute to open source projects on Github.

Internship is a first step in preparing the students for enhancing coding and problem-solving skills. The intent of this internship is to induct students into work, participate in Hackathons and Codeathons, and become more employable.


Technical Learning

Open-source applications have contributions from developers across the world and round the clock on GitHub, GitLab, and other repositories. Interns may work on some of these during the internship

  1. Web Technologies – HTML, JavaScript
  2. Programming Languages – JavaScript, Angular, and JQuery
  3. Operating System – Ubuntu and other Linux platforms
  4. Others – GitHub
  5. Methodologies – Product Quality Metrics, Waterfall, Agile and DevOps

Behavioral Learning

RDIP students will collaborate online with mentors that would help them to improve some of their behavioural traits such as –

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Working as a Team
  3. Time Management
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Self Confidence and Proactiveness

Program Details


Program Overview
Program Features
  1. Students will have access to online mentors during the learning and development activities.
  2. Students will be evaluated on a weekly basis and will have access to view their scoreboard.
  3. Four weeks elapsed time is the effort a student is expected to expand during the period of internship.
  4. Certificate from SERC, IIITH will be awarded to the students only on the successful completion of the internship program.

Program Dates:

Internship Program- 24th August to 19th September 2020

Registrations are now closed.


Italian Trulli


Enrolment Process

Admission Process

  • Online Registration
  • Payment of internship fee

Selection Process

  • Students will be selected on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  • Last date for Application Registration and Payment of Fees is 23rd August 2020

Fee Details

INR 3,200 + GST as applicable.

Please note the fees are for incidental expenses and only cover the cost in running these exclusive programs.

Registrations are now closed.


Notes & Tips


  1. RDIP is a completely online remote internship.
  2. The internship will be based on a first come first serve basis and successful payment.
  3. Students will not be allowed to carry the internship program beyond the specified last date.
  4. Once enrolled, no refund will be provided for any reason. Also, no requests for concession are entertained.
  5. A certificate will be awarded to the interns only on the successful completion of the internship.


  1. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to various live open source projects which use diverse technologies.
  2. Online training material will be made available to students.
  3. Students are excepted to become proficient in technologies of the projects they get assigned.
  4. Mentors will be available online during the program to guide students. Responses to queries will be given by mentors as quickly as possible, contingent on the logistics and the number of queries from other interns. However, students are expected to strive to solve the problems on their own as best as they can before contacting mentors.
  5. RDIP will publish scoreboards regularly which will help interns to know their progress in the submissions done by them earlier..
  6. Students who are self-driven will gain maximum out of the internship. Please focus on the internship with consistent interest and motivation.
  7. The program is responsible only for the conduct of remote internships. No laptops or desktops or any other gadgets will be provided.



CSE, University College of Engineering, Osmania University

"It is a wonderful start for freshers like me and provides experience to excel in their core domain. Aligning the skills acquired through this I have developed a portal for students to submit their assignments and was successful in it. Glad, as I was able to apply my knowledge practically”

Sai Teja

IT, Vasavi College of Engineering

“All round development is the perfect description of this internship, starting from learning to be adaptive, managing time, teamwork to developing debugging skills, simulating CP scheduling, everything gave a tremendous kick start to my career ”



“One amazing learning experience! Managing academics, Internship and personal life helped me become good at multi-tasking and that’s my biggest take-away”

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