Funding Agency: Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical System (ICPS) –DST, GOI.

Following are some of the objectives of this project proposal:

1) Provide relevant and current information on various topics in security based on search criteria. Rank the results in the order of relevance and based on the credibility of website containing theinformation. As an example, if search results meet query criteria – security content available in Government websites like CERT-In could be shown with higher ranking.

2) Build Security Search Engine using scalable and extensible Open source software.

3) Provide Top Vulnerabilities, Threats and Advisories based on the retrieved information. The would contain actionable information for mitigating against security related risks. BFSI sector, Government entities, Healthcare industry and all others that contain sensitive information and have a need to protect their IT infrastructure will benefit with these top trends. There may be multiple vulnerabilities across different software platforms, showing with actionable information of highly used OS would be more relevant. This relevance should also be based on the impact that the vulnerability could create such as remote vis-à-vis an unnecessary process that is consuming memory.

4) Provide relevant Security specific visualization based on search criteria. An example of thiswould be for a search on ‘Phishing’ - provide visualization on the “Lures – Amount” or 'Phishing –Country wise Incidents’ and others.

5) Contain feature for RSS Feed and Alerts based on user criteria (keyword, frequency, etc). This would help MSME and other small scale users of IT for better preparedness from security vulnerabilities.