1. SERC-VL2- Central Platform and Engineering
  2. SERC-VL2-Intergration and Maintenance
  3. SERC-VL2-Outreach

The Virtual labs project addresses the issue of lack of good lab facilities, as well as tained teachers, by making remote and simulation based experimentation possible through world wide web. With the present day internet and computer technologies, these limitations no longer hamper students and researchers in enhancing their skills and knowledge. The Objective is to arouse the curiosity of the students and permit them to learn at their own pace.

  • Access to quality labs to those engineering colleges which lack these lab facilities.
  • Access to quality labs as a complementary facility to those colleges that already have labs
  • A complete Learning management system around the labs.
  • Teacher-training and skill-set augmentation through workshop and on-site training.